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Our Telematics business provides a range of services for businesses with a fleet of connected vehicles. These telematics services are provided to customers through a web browser, in reports that can be shared, through mobile phone applications or through an API that allows other systems to access the information.


The services use information related to the vehicle, such as GPS position and acceleration, or data that is collected from the vehicle, such as fuel usage or maintenance codes. They may also be related to the services that are connected to the function of the driver, such as work order status. Our own device, the so-called telematics black box or telematics control unit, that collects and shares the information with a back-end server, is integrated or connected with the vehicle.

We provide a range of devices, including the standard telematics black box, that uses power and ignition, OBD-II connected devices and devices that fully integrate with the CAN-bus, the internal vehicle communication system. The service can be complemented by a selection of driver terminals to provide better support to drivers.

The main telematics services are provided as a per vehicle subscription. Required hardwares are sold directly or provided on a rental basis in the monthly subscription fee.

Servicing fleet owners

The bulk of our Telematics sales include subscriptions to our flagship solution WEBFLEET. The platform is sold through a variety of channels, including a large partner network that resells solutions and an internal sales team, which covers 25 countries. WEBFLEET is an operational fleet management service for fleet owners that provides fleet vehicle tracking, fleet management reporting, basic work order services and an eco driving module. It helps fleet managers to make better decisions, have greater control over their vehicles and improve the efficiency of their fleet.



BY USING OUR FLEET MANAGEMENT SERVICES, THERE IS AN OVERALL QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT,  with some customers reporting savings in fuel usage and vehicle efficiency in excess of 20%


We serve any business that uses vehicles for their operations, from small service and maintenance companies, to long haul transport logistics. For the heavy goods vehicles, we have an additional portfolio to integrate with the vehicle's tachograph, support with special truck routing capabilities and integrate with other accessories in the vehicle, such as load temperature monitoring.

With WEBFLEET we also have one of the largest app development communities in the telematics industry. This community has access to WEBFLEET.connect API, which provides application developers and system integrators with a toolkit to access the data.

This allows vehicle and driving data as well as work order information to be integrated into customer's processes and IT systems, so that further automation can be realised. One example is the integration with Sage Live that was launched in 2016, which provides automatic mileage registration as part of the company's accounting solution.

More than 46,000 customers benefit every day from the high standards of confidentiality, integrity and availability of our ISO 27001:2013 certified service, re-audited by TÜV SÜD in November 2016.

Tomtom PRO Driver Terminals

Used in conjunction with WEBFLEET, our TomTom PRO driver terminals enable fleet managers to communicate more effectively with drivers. Next to professional navigation, the TomTom PRO 7250 provides work order integration, allowing users to report on the start and end time of jobs throughout the day.

The TomTom PRO 8270/5 is an open but controlled Android™ platform built around the TomTom Bridge, a unique connected mobility solution where navigation and business apps come together. While work orders are integrated and accessible via other apps, it also creates possibilities to communicate with the drivers about things such as rest times, as recorded by a truck's tachograph.

Connected Car Services

By combining our experience of providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for fleet managers with Connected Car technology, we have extended our platform to also address the needs of the car services industries e.g. leasing, rental, dealers. This has enabled us to help these companies to increase their service performance as well as to build specific applications for their customers.

The services enable companies to monitor the status and whereabouts of the vehicles they provide to their fleet customers. It also allows them to build additional services on top of this. Examples include more information about maintenance and exact mileage driven for e.g. lease companies, or information about driving style for insurance companies.

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and the Connected Car is a special case within this; we expect to see a strong increase in Connected Car in the coming years. We also believe that the overall adoption of related services in the fleet sector will be fuelled by offering Connected Car services.

The TomTom Telematics Service Platform is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growth as it has the capability to integrate multiple types of black boxes as well as to import information from a wide range of OEMs, and then bundle this into services aimed at either end customers or service providers.