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Our Consumer business is creating a range of sports watches and activity trackers, portable navigation devices, mobile phone navigation applications and action cameras. 


TomTom is one of the world's best known global consumer electronics brands, and one of the few remaining European-based technology pioneers. TomTom is reputed for the ease of use of its products and its rate of innovation using technology to help consumers in their daily lives. Since creating the portable navigation category and expanding to sports wearables we have sold over 84 million consumer devices.


We believe that technology can play a key role in helping people to be healthy and live longer. TomTom sets out to motivate consumers to move more giving them relevant data and a compelling experience.

We help our customers reach their fitness goals and encourage them to go out and explore. This is the philosophy driving the innovations of our wearable product range and its mobile ecosystem. We were the first to integrate an optical heart-rate monitor into a GPS running watch and to integrate a music player directly into the watch. We have recently launched the world's first fitness tracker to combine body composition analysis with step, sleep and all day heart-rate tracking, right from the wrist – answering the age-old question 'Is what I am doing, doing anything for me?'. We have also launched an adventurer watch specially aimed at our customers enjoying the great outdoors, either trail running, skiing or snowboarding.



Marking a significant milestone for the Consumer business, TomTom announced the launch of the TomTom Sports sub-brand and an advertising campaign supporting TomTom Sports in 2016. The TomTom Sports brand caters to the needs of audiences ranging from those that are taking their first step down the road, to those that are stepping over the starting line of their first marathon. We are claiming a unique space in the world of sports. TomTom Sports is not here to shout at you to beat the impossible, be unstoppable, go harder, tougher, longer, deeper, rougher or sweatier. We want to help people where they need it most. Right at the beginning, where excuses often beat conviction. We want to be the brand that inspires people to Get Going and take that first step, no matter how big or small their effort might be, time and time again.

Underlying the TomTom Sports product portfolio, and forming the future of our audience engagement, is the TomTom Sports app. This ecosystem has been entirely re-engineered and re-designed for 2017, allowing our brand to provide not just data about users' activities, but insights that will help them to Get Going.

In a world where wearables collect personal data every second, privacy matters more than ever before. At TomTom, we take privacy very seriously and we have worked hard to make our privacy practices the benchmark - we believe that sound data privacy will be one of the key differentiating factors also for wearable brands. We are proud to lead the way, ensuring the data remains secure. More about our promise to protect data is stated in the Privacy and data governance section of this Annual Report.


The Drive business helps people to move and discover new ways of getting to their destination.

Our four product line portfolio includes navigation devices for car, two wheels, large vehicles and mobile devices. We include innovation that ensures customers buying TomTom's products enjoy a feeling of priority driving, no matter their destination.

TomTom's award-winning car navigation devices provide a priority driving experience blending the best of TomTom technologies, including sophisticated routing and award-winning traffic information. Some of our newest products include Wi-Fi® updates and deliver advanced smartphone integration, allowing for a safer drive with minimal interaction with smartphones.

In the two wheel category, TomTom's products for motorcycles – the TomTom Rider - continue to deliver value and excitement to our customers. Thrilling trips across Europe are now pre-installed in our devices, enhancing overall product experience. TomTom's desire to expand the addressable market moved us into the scooter market by launching the TomTom Vio.

TomTom's market share in the large vehicles market keeps growing. In 2016, TomTom launched the widest and strongest line-up of its TomTom Trucker range ever. That allowed for recruitment of new channel partners and geographic expansion to North America.

TomTom focused on improving the mobile apps and services. My Drive app saw large improvements during 2016, including the capability to download and transfer scenic routes to navigation devices via TomTom's cloud. TomTom also generates a significant business with our subscription-based navigation app GO Mobile. Our app for Android continues to receive multiple awards and excellent consumer ratings, and we are working on the iOS app to replicate the success of the Android version.