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About TomTom

TomTom has transformed the lives of drivers with the introduction of portable navigation devices for consumers, enabling drivers to navigate easier and safer. TomTom's enduring purpose is to transform mobility through its products, including location technologies, Connected Car services and consumer products.

2.1.1 Foundation

Founded in 1991, TomTom has grown from a Dutch-based start-up company into a leading European technology company. The original founders are still with the company and together with over 4,700 employees are committed to improving people's lives by transforming mobility.

TomTom began with software development for mobile applications and personal digital assistants (PDAs) in 1991. TomTom soon became the early market leader in navigation applications for PDAs, such as RoutePlanner and Citymaps. In 2002, TomTom launched the Navigator application, for the first time, providing customers across Europe with affordable and easy-to-use turn-by-turn satellite navigation.

A year after the successful launch of TomTom Navigator, it was clear there was a strong demand for an all-in-one, easy-to-use, portable navigation product. The result was not just a new product, but also an entirely new category in consumer electronics: the Portable Navigation Device (PND).

The PND became one of the fastest selling consumer electronics technology in history, becoming the trusted travel companion for millions of drivers. Demand grew rapidly across Europe and North America and in the 12 years since its launch, over 81 million TomTom PNDs have been sold in 41 countries.

TOMTOM WAS FOUNDED ON THE IDEA OF MAKING innovative technology available to everyone

2.1.2 Diversification

In the years that followed, we continued to innovate and diversified our product portfolio, to serve both consumers and businesses. 

TOMTOM'S PRODUCTS INCLUDE maps, traffic, navigation software, fleet management services, sports watches and PNDs

In 2013, we entered a new consumer product category when we introduced our first TomTom GPS sports watches. We pioneered optical heart-rate measurement in the watch, eliminating the need for chest straps and we added a music player, removing the need to carry a smartphone for music.


We acquired a number of new businesses including: Datafactory, which has become TomTom Telematics; Applied Generics, which provided the initial technology for TomTom Traffic; the automotive engineering team from the Siemens R&D division, which provided the resources for our diversification into Automotive; Tele Atlas, one of the global digital mapmaking companies in the world, which is now part of the foundation of our location technologies; and Autonomos GmbH, strengthening TomTom's position in Autonomous Driving.

Our Telematics business is now the largest and fastest growing telematics provider in Europe, with an installed base of more than 696,000 vehicles at the end of 2016.

We are revolutionising the way maps are updated and delivered, with our new transactional mapmaking platform, which over time will enable near real-time maps. With the deployment of this technological innovation, we are positioned to address the need for accurate and up-to-date maps. TomTom has invented RoadDNA as an HD map component to enable decimetre-level positioning of vehicles on the road.

Because of the strength of our technologies, we have been able to form strategic collaborations with Automotive customers for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving in recent years. Our leading traffic information and navigation software is transforming mobility for millions of people around the world every day.

2.1.3 Privacy and Data Governance

WE BELIEVE PRIVACY IS ABOUT FREEDOM AND BEING ABLE TO DECIDE FOR ONESELF how one's data is used and by whom; this is why we have established our Privacy Principles

TomTom is a highly data intensive company. To create and maintain our various products and services, we process billions of data points every day and, for example, we use petabytes of road side imagery every day. We do this on a global scale. A significant part of the information is contributed by our users or in other ways relates to individuals. It is paramount to the continuity of us being able to use our users' data that we retain their trust.

We operate according to the privacy laws applicable in the various countries we are active. Because we are rooted in Europe, European privacy laws also apply. These laws are considered to be some of the most extensive in the world. They offer a high level of protection to our users by only allowing us to use their data when the strict conditions of these laws are met. Our company policy on privacy and processing of personal data reflects these laws and we apply this policy globally. To make it easier for our users to understand this policy, we have translated them into ten promises we make. These can be found on our website: tomtom.com/privacy.

To be able to live up to our promises, we employ what is generally known as 'privacy by design'. Effectively this means that when designing and engineering our products and services, privacy and properly dealing with data from or about our users is a topic we consider right from the start and throughout our engineering and operations.